In order to give all prospective suppliers a fair chance to offer their goods and services, the following procedures apply:

  1. Apply for a listing on the BANKSETA Prospective Provider list.
  2. Suppliers who are not listed on BANKSETA’s Prospective Providers list are not precluded from quoting for goods and services required. Whilst the BANKSETA does give preference to listed suppliers, once-off or bids that meet the Terms of Reference will not be disqualified
In order to comply with the regulations of the Public Finance Management Act and to ensure a competitive procurement process, the BANKSETA invites prospective providers of the services/goods as indicated in the category list, to apply for a listing on the BANKSETA Prospective Provider list.The purpose of this list is to give all prospective suppliers an equal opportunity to submit the company information and products and services they offer to the BANKSETA.

When procuring quotations, preference will be given to suppliers on the BANKSETA prospective supplier list. However, it does not necessarily follow that suppliers who are not yet registered will be precluded from quoting for the supplying of goods or services to the BANKSETA.

Whilst the BANKSETA is issuing this application in good faith, it reserves the right to cancel or delay the selection process.

Closing date:
31 July 2014

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