MerSETA Bursary

The merSETA bursaries may be awarded in the following disciplines offered at Universities and Universities of Technology in South Africa:

MerSetaUniversity undergraduate programmes:

  • BSc Engineering (Electrical – light and heavy current and Electronic);
  • BSc Engineering (Chemical);
  • BSc Engineering (Metallurgy and Materials);
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering (including Mechatronics);
  • BTech Production Management; and
  • BSc Engineering (Industrial)

Universities of Technology programmes:

(Semester courses)

1)       National Diploma

  • Chemical Engineering;
  • Electrical Engineering (light and heavy current);
  • Engineering Metallurgy;
  • Mechanical Engineering (including Mechatronics)
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Production Management

2)       B. Technology

  • Chemical Engineering;
  • Electrical Engineering (light and heavy current);
  • Engineering Metallurgy; and
  • Polymer Technology

Selection criteria in order to apply for merSETA bursary:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens;
  • Preference will be given to applicants employed by a merSETA company that contributes the legislated 1% levy toward skills development, or that is direct family of the employee (that is a spouse or a child);
  • School or college leavers will also be considered;
  • Potential applicants must:

(a)     Possess a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent or post Grade 12 or equivalent qualification and

(b)     Meet the admission requirements of the relevant institution

Bursaries are offered to candidates from the first academic year;

Preference will be given to;

(a)    Applicants who were previously disadvantaged and/or;

(b)    Women and/or

(c)    Potential learners who can provide evidence that their annual income precludes them from furthering their studies.

(d)    Potential learners may not possess other bursary funding for the same purpose for which the bursary has been awarded.
Academic performance grants awarded by the student’s institution will be regarded as an exception

How to apply for a merSETA bursary?
University bursaries are awarded once a year, whilst University of Technology bursaries are awarded twice a year by the merSETA. Check whether you meet the selection criteria and submit the application form together with the required documents.

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