Service SETA

The mission of the Service SETA is to adopt a skills policy in support of inclusive growth and development to address the three key challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequity as well as to have skills development interventions addressing both national and sectoral priorities while supporting employers and learners from both the first and the second economy.

Service Seta

The SSETA has different allocation windows during the year when they announce tender application opportunities. The Services Seta then make grants for learning interventions available to promote skills development for employees so that meaningful programmes of workplace skills development can be implemented and to assist unemployed people to gain access to skills development opportunities and the world of work.

The grants are made available for the following learning interventions:

  1. Learnership Grants: For employed and unemployed learners for qualifications listed on the SSETA website
  2. Skills Programme Grants: For employed learners, skill programmes for SSETA accredited programmes
  3. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Grants: For employed learners, grant includes assessment and training required to fill in the gaps identified. RPL for SSETA accredited programmes
  4. Adult Education and Training (AET) Programme Grants: For employed learners who will enrol on occupationally-directed AET programmes accredited by the SSETA.

Criteria for bursary applicants:

  • The grants will be made available exclusively to Services SETA levy paying member companies, SME’s , CBOs, NGOs, NPOs, and other Non-Levy Paying Entities (NLPE) whose scope of service falls within the services sector (SSETA Industries are listed on the SSETA website)
  • The entities applying for the grants MUST complete Application Forms in full for the various interventions, forms available on the SSETA website.
  • Original and current Tax Clearance certificate
  • The companies must have at least have delivered /achieve 70% success rate on the previous similar contracts/projects with Services Seta in order to qualify for further evaluation.
  • The potential Bidder must score a full 100% on functionality to qualify for further evaluation

Complete the SSETA Vendor Form and attach the following documents:

  • Institution / Company Profile
  • Certified Copy of identity documents of shareholders / members / owners
  • Certified Copy of CIPRO registration certificate
  • Certified Copy of the BEE registered rating agency
  • The provider MUST complete the vendor in full.

The SSETA reserves the rights to allocate or not allocate grants to Companies who have not met the deliverables for previous Internship Programme Contracts.

NB. The companies applying for the grants should have suitable workplace for the learners/interns to obtain the necessary practical experience. The SSETA will conduct workplace vetting before final grant allocations are made.

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