FIETA Forest Industry SETA

FIETA is proud to serve the South African forest industries, which is a world leader in plantation forests.

To maintain this world leadership position, FIETA is committed to producing skills that are world class in quality.
Beneficiation of Trees
Forests, as a renewable resource, provide the raw materials for furniture, wood products, and pulp and paper. South Africa’s status as a world leader inspires confidence in foreign consumers of these products, a confidence in the constancy of supply. The creative challenge for all people in the forest industries is to optimise the beneficiation of trees. FIETA helps to develop the requisite skills to meet this creative challenge.

Critical Skills Shortage
78% of the forest industry workforce is either semi- or unskilled, there are critical shortage of craft or skilled workers, technicians, and professional managers. As the wage system has historically proven to be an efficient and effective means of wealth distribution, it is necessary to skill people incrementally in order to ensure their upward social mobility. The quality of skills ensures a certain quality of life.

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